Friday, August 17, 2012

Twenty Nine Days of Ramadan

Alhamdullillah! Allah is Great! the Lord of the Universe,the Eternal, the Capable, the All Powerful, the Promoter, the Postponer, the First, the Last, the Outward, the Inward, the Governor, the High Exalted, the Pious, the Acceptor of Repentance, the Avenger, the Effacer, the Full of Piety, the Just, the Collector, the All  Sufficing, the Creator, the  Master and Sovereign.

Created man and bestowed upon him the faculties of learning, speaking, understanding, and discerning right from wrong, and good from evil. He granted him freedom of choice, freedom of will, freedom of action and gave him authority to acquire and make use of the things around him.

In short, He granted him a kind of autonomy and appointed him as His Vicegerent on the Earth and instructed him to live in accordance with His Guidance.

Allah say: "I am your Master and Sovereign, and that of the whole Universe; therefore you should Worship Me, and none else. You are independent in my kingdom nor the subject of anyone else, to whom you might owe obedience or worship. You are being sent to the earth with certain powers for fixed term of time for your test. After that you will have to return to Me. Then I will judge the deeds you did in the world and decide whether you have come out successful or failed in the test. 

Therefore whoever opposed to the Divine Guidance, will be wrong, you shall be thrown into the abyss of Hell." Allah's warning us.

He sent Adam and Eve (PBUT), the first two human being were not created in ignorance, and darkness but were given very clear, and bright light, and the law they were to follow. This was Islam (submission to Allah).

Before they left in this world, they themselves practice and taught the same way to their children, and children, and exhorted them to live as Muslim (obedient servant of Allah).

But the succeeding centuries, by and by people swerved from this straight way of life (Islam) and adopted different crooked ways. They not only lost the guidance ruing to their negligence but also tampered with it because of their wickedness.

They attributed to others the qualities and powers of Allah, and associated others to rank with Him as gods, and ascribed His rights to others. They invented different kinds of religions (way of life) by mixing up all sorts of superstitious, wrong theories, and false philosophies with the guidance that was given by Allah (SWT).

They discarded the right, just and moral principles taught by Allah or corrupted them and made such laws of life as suited (desire) prejudices, and lusts, and filled Allah's earth with chaos and inequity. 

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