Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fourteen Days of Ramadan

Alhamdullillah! For another DAY we have, and beautiful LIFE we have, Oh ALLAH! I pray to you for those who are suffering of any sickness heal them, bless them with your Mercy, Grant them for what they are asking from You, as You are the Healer, and the Provider of everything, Guide them to the right Path as You guided me, Most gracious , and Most Merciful, King of the Universe, and Lord of Splendid Glory and Majesty.

Mention 3 persons who may break the fast and make up the missed days of fasting at a later time.
It is allowed for those who are (not chronically) ill and for travelers to break their fast during Ramadan, but they must make up the days they missed. Allah (SWT) says: in the Holy Quran, "And for him who is sick among you or on a journey, (the same) number of other days."
Mu'adh said: "Verily, Allah made the fast obligatory upon the Prophet (SAW): "O you who believe, fasting is prescribed for you, as it was prescribed for those before you...until the words, And for those who can fast (but do not) there is a ransom payment...A concession was made for the sick and travelers, and the feeding of the poor by the elderly who loved not fast was (left) confirmed."

A sick person may break his fast which, if continued, would only aggravate the illness or delay its cure. 

"And do not kill yourselves, Lo! Allah is ever Merciful to you and "He has not laid upon you in your religion any hardship."

Hamzah Al-Aslami said: "O Prophet of Allah, I find within me the strength to fast while travelling. Would there by any blame upon me if I were to do so? The Prophet (SAW), replied; "It is concession from Allah whoever likes to fast, there is no blame upon him."
Related by Muslim

Abu Sa'id Al-Khudri reported: " We traveled with the Prophet of Allah to Makkah while we were fasting, we stopped at a place and close to our enemies. You will be stronger if you break the fast. That was a concession and some of us fasted and some of us broke the fast. Then we came to another place and the Prophet (SAW) said: In the morning you will will face your enemy. Breaking the fast will give you more strength! So we broke our fasts taking that as the best course of action. After that, you could see some of us fasting with the Prophet (SAW) while traveling.  

In another report, Abu Sa'id Al-Khudri said: "We fought under the leadership of the Prophet of Allah during Ramadan. Some of us fasted and some of us did not. The ones who fasted did not find any faults with those who did not fast, and those who did not fast found no fault with those who fasted. They knew that if one had the strength to fast he could do so and it was good.


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