Monday, September 17, 2012

1 Thul-Qedah, 1433

Assalamo Alaikum brothers and sisters in Islam, and to all readers! Today I speak the continuation from yesterday about the character of our beloved prophet (SAW), what is His mission, His teaching to His ummah, and to all humanity. 

I love to share a Jewish Rabbi who converted to Islam, listen properly what he is saying may Allah bless and guide those who are knowledgeable in their books, and searching the truth. Ameen
Jewish Rabbi Converts to Islam

 My topic about Forgiveness:
Forgiveness is a moral quality which relates to doing good to others. According to Islam any evil act must be requited by punishment proportionate to the amount of wrong committed. This is really a very just and necessary restriction.  But the Holy Qur-an furnishes a guiding rule as to the occasions of forgiveness. The Prophet gave many examples on how he forgave his enemies:

1. Thumamah, one of the bitterest enemies of the Muslims and who had inflicted all types of humiliation on the Muslims, was captured and brought before the Prophet in the mosque of Madinah. He was asked to say something in defense. Instead of defending himself, he said that:
  1. The Prophet of Islam was the worst man,
  2. The religion of Islam was the worst religion, and
  3. The state of the Muslims was the worst of the states.
His word did not infuriate the Prophet. The Prophet gave him personal service for three days. Everyday asking him to give his opinion about Islam, on the third day when this recalcitrant infidel repeated his original opinion he was let off by the Prophet. The faithful were rather angry and apprehensive that he would re-start his reign of terror, murder and plunder against the Muslims.

Towards the evening the refractory rebel was seen coming back, brandishing his sword and naturally creating fear in the minds of the weak Muslims.

The Prophet was then holding his last prayer session in the mosque. When he hear about it, he ordered that the man should be allowed to come without any hindrance. When the man came up, he wanted to know exactly the place where he had stood to make those wild allegations about Islam and the Prophet of Islam.

When informed, he stood on that very spot and then narrated that while he was going away from the Prophet's court his heart was maligning him for having abused and maltreated a person who had been so forgiving and kind to him.

He then narrated that he had cleansed his body and, with a clean mind, came up and wanted now to declare unto humanity that:
  1. The Prophet of Islam was the best of human beings.
  2. The religion of Islam was the only religion of peace, and
  3. The state based on Islam would be the best of states.
Then Thumamah embraced Islam.

5d/f=8m/r 1 Thul-Qedah, 1433

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