Monday, September 10, 2012

23 Shawwal, 1433

Assalam Alaikum! My dear brothers and sister in Islam, and to all the readers! I will be sharing about a Muslim character toward his/her Muslim and non Muslim brothers, and sister. 

Allah (SWT) sent down a message to all His prophet to teach his people the good moral character, but first the prophets must be in a perfection of Morals:

"I have been sent only for the purpose of perfection good morals."

Its purpose was nothing else but to strengthen the moral character of all the people so that the world of beauty and perfection may be illuminated before their eyes and they may try to achieve it consciously and with knowledge.

All the Islamic compulsory forms of worship are designed as exercises and training to enable people to acquire correct morals and habits and to live righteously, and to adhere to these virtues till the end, whatever be the changes in their circumstances.

Prayer prevents commitment of Evil

Salat (prayer) is a compulsory form of worship, which is like an exercise towards which man is attracted with interest and willingness. He/she offers it continually, so that his life may be free from all diseases and the body may be healthy and strong.

"Prayer prohibits obscenity and evil."
In order to keep away from evil, wickedness and to purify from bad deeds are also realities of the prayer.

"I accept the prayers of the person who adopts the policy of humility with it on account of My greatness, obliges My creatures, does not insist on sinning against Me, spends his day in remembering Me, and is kind to the poor, travelers, weak and the suffering people".

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2d/f=8m/r 23 Shawwal, 1433

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