Sunday, September 9, 2012

22 Shawwal, 1433

Assalamo Alaikum! my Dear Sister's and Brother's in Islam, and to all the readers! Insha Allah you will benefits some of my blog. Today! I would continue to speak out about the equality of woman with man.
According to Islam, a woman and a man are both humans being and both are apportioned equal rights. That which kept in view in Islam is that woman and man, on the basis of the very face that one is a woman and the others is a man, are not identical with each other in many respects. The world is not exactly alike for both of them, and their natures and dispositions were not intended to be the same. Eventually, this requires that in very many rights, duties and punishments, they should not have an identical placing.

Unity and sincerity between man and woman can be achieved, and only then will woman obtain happiness, equal to the happiness of man, the only way to achieve that end is for her to forget about an identical set of rights with man and have faith in rights suitable for herself.
Woman rights in Islamic society are equal in value to the rights that men have. Our point of view is that dissimilarity in the rights of man and woman should be observed to whatever extent nature has differently moulded and created them. 

Some rights of women in Islam
Islam decided that a woman has the rights to guide her self. If a guardian has the right to give her in marriage, he has no right to oblige her. This matter is up to her. Therefore Prophet Mohammad said: " A widow has more rights than her guardian".

The relation between a woman and her guardian is to keep her pure, to prevent her from bad behavior and help her to choose her husband. If she chooses a good man to be her husband, her guardian has no right to deny. If he does not agree, his objection is nil. She can marry her self or the judge will do so.

After marriage, the husband is not a guardian for her except the right of a husband and wife in Islam.

A wise woman can dispose of her money without interference of her father or brothers before she is married. When she is married, her money will remain for her to dispose of exactly as her husband has the right to dispose of his money, like the man.

1d/f=8m/r 22 Shawwal, 1433

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